Project Duration

The client agrees to provide timely responses to the developer after receiving status notifications from the developer.


Our primary concern is your right to privacy and data security and our policies reflect just that.

Online Forms

When you fill out and submit either the Web Development Questionnaire or the Contact Form, we collect this information for the sole purpose of being able to contact you with answers to questions you may have, to fulfill an order you want to place, or to provide you with a free price quote.


Before the work begins initial deposit i.e. 70% of the amount must be paid and remaining 30% should have to pay before uploading the website to the server.

Additional Fees

If the quantity of materials delivered by the client exceed the number of agreed upon pages, or if programming differs from the duties specified in the Web Work Agreement, additional fees may apply.


Contacting us is very easy, you can find us in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Viber, Whats App & Telegram and almost everywhere.
Professional Team: Managed & run by professional IT people, Very Good Technical Background Staffs, Research & Analytical Skills.
You have a five page website and each page is has different page content. Your services page will list information on your services and this is counted as one page.
The cost of a web site varies depending on your goals, your current situation and exactly like buying a phone.
Obviously, most people do not like to use or require a content management system and would require a design company to maintain their website.
We would require detailed information on your company, the products you sell, the services you provide , images and text for the web site.
We get a lot of inquiries from companies who did not invest time or money in there existing website and now realize the importance of a professional looking and functioning website.

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